About the Artist

Nicole CastleNicole Castle Brookus is a writer, artist, photographer and local food systems advocate.  Her art and photography reflects her passion for the natural world.  She finds inspiration in wild places and in the small details that are easily overlooked; in the movement, textures and colors found in nature.

Available for horticulture photography and wild plant hunts, Nicole has a broad knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Southeast US, including environmental preference, edibility and traditional medical uses. She has years of experience identifying plants in the wild across the Southern Appalachians, Tennessee Valley and the Cumberland Plateau, and is located in northern Alabama near Huntsville.

Nicole started at an early age by taking “photos” with her favorite toy — a old single reflex camera given to her by her great-grandmother — but had no film.  Eventually she graduated to working equipment, and after retiring as a web developer and project manager in early 2014, Nicole decided to begin sharing her creative endeavors.

Nicole lives in Madison, Alabama with a dog, cat and a fabulous husband.  She is an avid gardener and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and a good book.


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