Saving a Bit of Summer: Dehydrated Tomatoes

If there’s a poster child for the virtues and rewards of home gardening, it’s the homegrown tomato.  As tomato season winds down, why wouldn’t we want to save some of that summer goodness for the[…]

Fall Gardens: Get Started Now

The days are getting hotter, but they are also getting shorter.  Fall is coming, and with it, our opportunity to grow tasty cool weather vegetables like collards, cabbage and beets. Late July Growing fall vegetables[…]

Harvesting a Pantry Staple: Garlic

It always seems odd to me that about this time each year as I’m just starting to bring in cucumbers and squash and I’m still egging on baby tomatoes and peppers, the garlic is done[…]

How Microclimates Affect Your Garden

Has your garden been languishing?  You are not alone.  I hesitate to think of any year of gardening weather in Alabama as “normal,” but this spring most certainly wasn’t it.  After planting season, the weather[…]

The Time to Plant Warm Season Gardens? Now!

Two things need to happen before it’s time to plant those warm season gardens: first, nighttime temperatures need to be above 50F, and second, soil temperature needs to be above 60F.  Most years in Huntsville,[…]

Planning for Warm Season Crops

  Gardeners, we’ve turned the corner into spring, but we’ll probably have some frosty weather yet, especially in early April. Old timers call this Blackberry Winter because it almost always occurs when the blackberries are[…]

When Can I Start My Spring Garden?!

The seed packets are sitting in a stack or in a box or in a bag, calling your name. The days are getting a bit longer and brighter, a few of them are almost warm,[…]

Plan Now for a Great Spring Garden

Gardeners and future gardeners, your winter hibernation is over. It’s time to shake off your winter sleep and get ready for the start of planting season. Despite the cold outside, we’ll be planting in North[…]

A Winter Gift to Alabama Gardeners: Carrots

We’re only a few days away from the darkest day of the year, when most people revel in lights, colors, celebration and social cheer… before we all hibernate in January when it’s coldest. But the[…]

Growing Thanksgiving Dinner

Here in the US, an official “Thanksgiving” was proclaimed to celebrate the successful fight for independence, but in reality, harvest festivals have been common for thousands of years. And they all have one thing in[…]

When First Frost Comes

By Nicole Castle Brookus Frost on lemon sage, Not long ago, we flirted with frost. We didn’t quite get there, but it may not be long now. Here in Huntsville, our average first frost[…]

Not Fall Gardening

By Nicole Castle Brookus So you aren’t fall gardening. You know about the great growing conditions and vegetables that thrive here in North Alabama in the fall. But maybe you are tired, or busy, or[…]