The Starving Time

This morning I planted my spring crops in the rain.  My husband joked, “so we’re going to have radishes tomorrow, right?”  Not quite. Those long weeks in between the arrival of planting season and the[…]

Luffa Gourds: Homegrown scrubbers

The tropical gourd Luffa cylindrica is edible when very young, but most widely grown for its use in the cosmetic industry.  Frequently processed and sold as facial scrubbers and exfoliating fibers in soap, when fully[…]

Your Gardening Personality Guide to Seed Sourcing

After a weirdly mild December, 2016 has kicked off with chilly weather that actually feels like winter.  I hate winter; I admit I was hoping we’d just skip it this year. Winter has one thing[…]

The Homemade Spice Cabinet: Filé Gumbo

Many of the spices we use in our kitchens come from far-off and exotic locations, but a few can be found in our back yard. Filé gumbo, best known today for imparting the defining taste[…]

The Curious Case of Cross-Cultural Pocket Nuts

Eastern Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) Recently, I was introduced to the pocket nuts of China by virtue of being nosy about the gentle clicking sounds I was hearing coming from a Chinese gentleman’s hand.  He[…]

Citrus for Colder Climates

If there’s one thing gardeners everywhere like to do, it’s grow things they shouldn’t be able to in their zone, and citrus is high on their wish lists. Unfortunately for most of us, citrus is[…]

Fall Gardening Chores

The weather is mild with crisp edges and the summer glut of vegetables is over.  That means it’s time to start on the fall chore to-do list.  Fall is the best time to plant trees[…]

Jujube: An Unusual Fruit for Your Garden

Apples, peaches, cherries, nectarines, plums… these all have one thing in common here in north Alabama.  They are very hard for a backyard gardener hoping for high quality fruit to grow.  They require frequent spraying,[…]

Mad About Mulch

Mulch by Russ on Flickr If you are not going to be gardening for fall, or keep a smaller garden in the cool seasons, it’s time to begin putting beds to rest as their crops[…]

Saving a Bit of Summer: Dehydrated Tomatoes

Source: Huntsville Eats: Saving a Bit of Summer: Dehydrated Tomatoes …Read More From::

Grape Tomato “Smarty (F1)”

Cherry and grape tomatoes are rapidly growing in popularity among consumers.  Small and sweet, they have a nice burst when you bite into them, making them perfect for snacking and salads.  Plus, they hold their[…]

Tomato Report: “Paragon F1″

If there’s a poster child vegetable for why people of all walks of life choose to garden, it’s the tomato.  Although the rise of commercial hydroponic tomatoes has made grocery store tomatoes prettier than ever[…]